Hawkesbury Rain Stats
This website has been developed to allow the detailed analysis of rainfall statistics in our local area (Hawkesbury LGA, NSW), primarily for the RFS to plan hazard reductions but also for general interest. The data is collected by amateur observers throughout the area. Please contact me if you are interested in participating.
Site List
999RCHAirportRichmond08/12/2019 07:55
1KJHillsMountain View CloseKurrajong Hills08/12/2019 07:55
4ComleroyComleroy RoadKurrajong25/11/2019 18:40
11Comleroy2Dollins RdKurrajong21/12/2017 15:27
15Comleroy3Comleroy RdKurrajong02/12/2019 19:26
3KurraVill1Old Bells Line of RdKurrajong26/11/2019 10:53
8KurraVill2Buckett PlKurrajong27/11/2019 16:41
26KJHillsWSpringrove LaneKurrajong Hills19/10/2018 14:28
13BowenMtnBellbird CrBowen Mountain26/11/2019 12:12
23BowenMtn2Grandview LaneBowen Mountain30/11/2019 08:27
25GroseValeCabbage Tree RdGrose Vale26/11/2019 08:44
2SlopesSlopes RoadKurmond25/09/2018 09:50
30NthRichmondKingsford Smith VillNorth Richmond07/12/2019 11:31
5KJHeightsWarks Hill RoadKurrajong Heights08/11/2019 16:17
27BilpinWPowells RdBilpin26/11/2019 08:24
29BilpinW2Bells Line of RoadBilpin07/12/2019 08:36
7BlaxRidgeJacaranda RdBlaxlands Ridge03/12/2019 07:59
10GlossodiaBoomerang DrvGlossodia25/11/2019 21:18
6EastKurraIrwins RdEast Kurrajong09/11/2018 11:00
24EastKurra2Halls LaneEast Kurrajong31/10/2019 02:31
28EastKurra3East Kurrajong RdEast Kurrajong15/10/2018 18:55
12EbenezerRFS Kolora RdEbenezer22/12/2017 10:04
9ColoHgtsNPWSPutty Rd Colo Heights26/03/2018 14:02
14StAlbansEspie StSt Albans24/12/2017 09:08
18StAlbans2Upper MacDonald RdSt Albans03/12/2019 19:41
20StAlbans3Settlers RdSt Albans01/01/2018 10:12
21StAlbans4Upper MacDonald RdSt Albans30/03/2019 14:47
19UpperMacGorricks RunUpper MacDonald20/11/2019 08:35
22UpperMac2Upper MacDonald RdUpper MacDonald22/09/2019 10:30
16FernancesPerrys RunFernances28/12/2017 07:53
17Fernances2Wollombi RdFernances19/09/2019 21:16

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